This modern two-storey property positioned in Rishon LeZion, Israel, was created in 2016 by Shachar Rozenfeld Architects.

Description by Shachar Rozenfeld Architects

TThe residence is built on a narrow trapezoid lot, bordering a modest green public park with ancient Eucalyptus trees. The clients wanted the park to be observed as a continuation of their personal private garden – The residence was created in an “L” shape to wrap around the swimming pool, facing the public park.

The longer side of the house (28 meters) contains the living space, the dining area and the kitchen, whilst the shorter side contains the bedroom. The connection among the two sides is a double space containing the lobby.

Vitrines are installed all through the inner side of the house, enabling a direct connection with the outdoors. Additionally, to give maximal openness, the vitrines are disconnected from the columns.

Glass corners in the living space and bedrooms are totally free of any constructive elements to enable complete access to the garden.

To soften the overall appear of the large constructing so that it feels as if it is a portion of the neighborhood, the house was made as two separate masses, one on leading of the other, with the 1st floor becoming shorter than the ground floor, creating a type of ridge.

On this floor are 4 children’s suits with rooftop balconies. Two suits on each side of the house are connected with a bridge. The bridge goes across the double space of the lobby overlooking the entrance on a single side and the swimming pool on the other.

The basement has two extra children’s suits facing the effectively-lit English courtyard and the house theater.

Cautious focus was offered to the climate and option of materials. The northern (back) façade is open and coated in Cedar wood, although the southern (front) façade is more enclosed, with electrical vertical louvres that let for far better climate control, with the choice to close or open it as they see fit.

Photography by Shai Epstein

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