Designer Moisés Hernández has created a set of basic, monochrome tableware for the most hugely rated restaurant in Mexico.

Hernández designed the EO tableware set for Pujol, the highest ranking Mexico eatery in The World’s 50 Greatest Restaurants list, which has just moved to a new bigger home in Mexico City.

The short from restaurant founder Enrique Olvera was for bowls, plates and cups that are “clean, comfortable and useful”.

Hernández’s response was a handmade 20-piece set, with pieces enamelled in either black and white. They function details based on pottery from Oaxaca – a southwest Mexico state where several examples of prehistoric ceramics have been discovered – such as softly curling handles and spouts.

Moisés Hernández EO tableware

“The food at Pujol is shaped by a lengthy period of experimentation and understanding, so they want correct canvases for these experiences,” said the Mexico City-based designer.”The tableware has to be as exclusive as the meals served.”

Moisés Hernández EO tableware

To make the collection, Hernández worked with a pottery factory in Puebla that dates back virtually 200 years, and specialises in Talavera – which can only be produced in specific parts of the nation, and usually features hand-painted patterns.

This led to a hand-painted black line becoming added to the edges of some of the plates.

Moisés Hernández EO tableware

“The hand-created painting was a detail I wanted to preserve, but it had to be as neutral as feasible to have a nice dialogue amongst it and the chef’s meals,” the designer told Dezeen.

“We decided to have just a single and potent line on the edge of some plates to show its craftsmanship origin. Each line is special and beautifully imperfect. Each and every piece of the tableware also has a little hand-painted dot as a mark of a hand-made product.”

Moisés Hernández EO tableware

Pujol very first launched in Mexico City 17 years ago, and its menu combines Mexican street meals with haute cuisine. Founder Olvera is also behind common New York restaurant Cosme.

“All the elements serve as a blank canvas for the modern Mexican meals knowledge Olvera delivers,” concluded Hernández.

Moisés Hernández EO tableware

Hernández set up his Mexico City-primarily based studio in 2014, right after becoming the very first Mexican to get a masters in item design from ECAL, in Switzerland.

His brand Diario, which he founded in 2013, redesigns every day Mexican objects, and earlier this year Hernández created a set of dip-dyed wooden birds with tropical plumage.

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