Developed in 2017 by Studio Saxe, this remarkable boutique hotel is set into the tropical landscape of Nosara, Costa Rica.

Description by Studio Saxe

Studio Saxe has completed a boutique hotel and yoga studio set into the tropical landscape of Nosara, Costa Rica. The project is one more in a extended line of sustainable buildings from the practice that blend modern design and style with regional craftsmanship, embracing the organic atmosphere that surrounds and frames the architecture.

Nosara has turn out to be a destination for visitors from about the world for health, wellness and surfing and so the owners of Hotel Nalu-Nosara, Nomel and Mariya Libid, wanted a design that reflects the attitude of their guests. The yoga studio, which has also grow to be extremely popular as a multipurpose fitness center space, is enveloped by lush vegetation on all sides and for that reason becomes a jungle retreat for workout and relaxation.

Guests at the hotel are supplied with individual pavilion ‘homes’ rather than rooms, situated just a few minutes stroll from the ocean. By breaking up the mass of the traditionally monolithic hotel, the architects were in a position to scatter living spaces amongst the trees and generate a sense of privacy while surrounded by the natural globe. Every single pavilion has been carefully positioned following meticulous research into wind and sun patterns, while making certain they are all offered with an individual view out to the landscape. Overlapping timber roofs project out more than every single pavilion providing shade from the intense equatorial sun. These roofs are created of recycled Teak planks, generating uneven patterns that further emphasise this tension in between nearby craftsmanship and modern design and style. Rooms are connected by way of corridors that filter dappled sunlight down from the pergola roofs above and frame far more views out the lush surroundings.

Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe stated: “Our project Nalu represents the energy of basic, low-essential, modern tropical architecture. It has quickly grow to be a town favourite, which shows that there is a actual desire to occupy spaces that bring folks closer to nature, even though addressing the requirements of modern life.”

Photography courtesy of Studio Saxe

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