French workplace Studio mAAb has transformed a single-storey apartment in the city of Rennes into a duplex by incorporating a pair of wooden volumes and a mezzanine walkway into the former attic space.

Duplex studio by Studio mAAb

Studio mAAb updated the interior of the top-floor apartment for a couple with a child who wanted a space that can evolve to meet their changing requirements.

The studio opened up component of the building’s attic to create a double-height interior that increases the sense of space within the open-plan living region.

The wooden components are elevated above the lounge and kitchen spaces, framing a void that extends up to the apex of the roof.

Duplex studio by Studio mAAb

“Clad in timber, the two volumes at either end reinforce the double-height reading of the space and produce a sense of suspension,” mentioned the architects.

“The idea allows for evolution as a single of the wood inserts can be transformed into yet another bedroom in the future.”

Duplex studio by Studio mAAb

A newly developed space among the wooden forms consists of a quiet study that overlooks the living area below and is illuminated by skylights on either side of the pitched roof.

The reduced level also accommodates a bedroom and shower room that are tucked away to a single side of the principal space.

A staircase featuring open risers and wooden treads with a minimal steel balustrade provides access to the upper level and functions as a spatial divider among the lounge and the kitchen.

Duplex studio by Studio mAAb

The constructing dates from the starting of the 1900s and, wherever achievable, the architects sought to retain or restore original features.

New versions of the existing windows have been installed, the oak floorboards were refurbished, and the period doors and panelling were preserved.

A modern really feel is achieved by way of the application of a neutral colour palette, with the white-painted walls and kitchen producing a consistent, minimal aesthetic.

The plywood surfaces stand out against this white backdrop and are complemented by the oak parquet floor, as well as by details which includes the kitchen worktops, staircase treads and shelves.

Photography is by Jeremias Gonzalez.

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