Brightly coloured niches define living spaces inside these three compact studio apartments, which Portuguese practice Waataa has developed as an alternative a former office building in Lisbon.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

The Tondela-primarily based practices added two brightly coloured modules to each and every of the apartments to aid define particular places for sleeping and dining inside the open-plan space.

This cabinetry forms a golden-yellow niche for a kitchenette and a blue nook for a bedroom in every property.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

To support make the most of the limited floor space, Waataa also integrated many pieces of fold-out furniture into the modules.


A dining table can be pulled down from a wall adjacent to the cooking location, while a bed extends from the back panel of the sleeping location. Drawers and cupboards are also slotted into these nooks to offer lots of storage space.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

“The incorporation of fold-away furniture in the design and style is each a rational space-saving mechanism and an chance of interaction with one’s own home, favouring the overlapping and intertwining of spatial functions according to the moment’s necessity,” architect Lucas Diz told Dezeen.

“Due to the nature of its pre-existence, the housing core to be generated could not and ought to not adhere to conventional patterns.”

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

The trio of apartments recognized as the BY Studios advantage from the high ceilings, massive windows and bathroom facilities of their former use as offices, but Waataa introduced the accents of bright colour to give the spaces a more residential really feel.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

The architects utilized blue for the bedrooms to evoke a sense of calm and rest, even though a vibrant yellow provides the backdrop for the kitchen.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

These brightly coloured regions are emphasised by the neutral decor of the rest of the space, with each and every apartment finished with white walls and a slate-grey bathroom.

Easy components have been implemented throughout, with Waataa choosing plain ceramic tiles, vinyl and painted plasterboard for surfaces.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

A mezzanine level was also added to each apartment to give a “space of refuge and quiet” from the open-planned areas below.

The upstairs of the largest studio is fitted with a long table, offering an alternative location to function or entertain guests.

BY Studios by Waataa Architects

The architects have selected to use alternate-tread steps to save further space. French architects Schemaa developed a similar staircase to double as storage for a tiny Paris apartment.

Decadrages BedUp lifts up to the ceiling

Décadrages’ BedUp lifts up to the ceiling when not in use

Project credits:

Architecture: Waataa Architects
Design team: Rita Cantisano Diz, Lucas Cantisano Diz, Miguel de Gouveia André