A SPA bath: relaxing, soothing…

spa bath

Create a SPA environment in your bathroom. Use white textiles, wood accessories and good bath salts to enjoy a moment of relaxation at home.

If you wantto create a SPA environment in your only bathroom, you need to get ahold of two colors and one material: wood, brown, and white. These are very effective in creating a relaxing space.

You should prefer soft lights to be able to conceal the defects and reach the desired ambiance. Remember that exotic touches play the most important role in this design.

You can use air freshener.Incenses will also create a very pleasant aroma bath without being aware of it. You have the base in various colors.After a good bath 100 % cotton towels in beige crochet finish can give a chic touch to your bath.

Don’t forget soaps with fragrance. These are generally handmade soaps for shower use. There are very good lines of handcrafted soaps for body with different aromas: vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine…They are perfect to use on a daily basis.

Can you imagine a bathroom without a good mirror? We like the smoothmirrors with polished edges, where having a space to be able to fix yourself whenever you want.