bedroom lightnin

The lighting in your bedroom is important. You need a good look at yourself in the mirror, but also able to read a book in bed.  Read here some practical tips for lighting in your bedroom. You have three types of lighting: ambient lighting, mood lighting and accent lighting. The ambient lighting is usually ceiling lights. One central light fixture (a ceiling lamp, hanging lamp or chandelier) can be useful, but a (complementary) grid of ceiling spotlights provides you with more creativity. With mood lighting, for example a table lamp on an end of a table, you can create an intimate ‘ Islands’.

Nothing is more annoying than a dark closet in the early morning. So make for lighting in the cabinets. Be aware that the light source of the case lights not too hot or too close to your clothes. A nice system is: door open, light without saying, door shut, and light shuts off. It does exist!

Bedside reading lamps are also very useful. Please check whether you can switch the lamp easily from your bed.  If you would prefer wall lights as reading lamps, don’t hang them too high.  Neither hung them right above your pillow but prefer something ‘ outside ‘ the bed. Choose wall lamps with a rotating or swivel arm.

Make sure all lighting can be operated from the bed, by means of so-called cross circuit.

Let light sources in your bedroom are dimmable. With the touch of a button, you can create right atmosphere. Home automation system offers a variety of settings for programming.

Daylight also plays an important role in the bedroom. Play with it, especially when you are in your bedroom while you are not sleeping. Take advantage of metallic finishes, mirrors and a gloss varnish on walls or ceiling – all special light reflecting elements in a bedroom.