The decoration of the Christmas tree is traditionally provided a few days before Christmas so that your tree remains beautiful during all holidays. And the whole family can participate!

– Your tree must be put first of all in a place enough cool not to lose its needles too fast.

– Start by placing the light rope
– Call upon the contributions of your children and your family. They always put a lot of heart to make design. You can hang angels and topics with pretty ribbons. Your children can also decorate the large sheet of paper that will be used to cover the foot of the tree.

– On the occasion of your walks in the Woods, collect pinecones. You can paint them with silver-plated paint spray.

– Hang bonbons, chocolates, sugar candy on the branches of your tree.

– If you’re a handy woman, make your subjects in dough.

– To perfume your home, you can peel off an orange and leave it at the foot of the tree. You can also hang peels of orange dried in branches with the aid of cordons.

– To transform ordinary fruits into pretty frozen fruits, coat them with the aid of a brush so that their rinds become egg white. Sprinkle with icing sugar and let them dry before hanging them.

– The small wooden toys are a super romantic tree decor.

– On December 24th in evening, don’t forget to ask your children to shine their shoes well and to leave them under the tree, with a glass of milk and a cookie to pep up the Father Christmas.

Photos of Christmas Tree Ideas

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christmas tree design 1

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