christmas tree alternatives

A Christmas tree in branches of wood

If you prefer to leave your tree sleeping in the forest but you’re not ready to host a fake one, here is a good compromise! Branches of wood are cleaned of all leaves and buds are cut in different lengths. Assembled using a few pieces of twine knotted, they are transformed into improvised Christmas tree as if by magic. After you install it in a bucket also manufactured using pieces of wood, you can decorate it with painted logs… With its star on the bark, this is a completely eco-friendly tree!

A Christmas tree surrounded by aluminum foil

Yes, your children want a Christmas tree of at least 2 m. with beautiful spines! This year, explain that the tree will be even better than the one they dream. Suggest that they help you to make it.   A tree carcass will amply enough to obtain a stunning result. To do this, you will cover the entire trunk and branches with strips of aluminum foil. It would be surprising to see this silver roller gives an air of celebration. In addition to being ecological, your kids will love the idea of having participated in the elaboration of this jewel of Christmas. A few glass balls will create thousand reflections with simplicity.

A silver heart as a holiday wreath

Three cords which are made of aluminum foil are mingled together to form a beautiful braid with silvery reflections. The ends are attached with a glue dot while a knotted red velvet ribbon is used to hang it. In front of a glass, this heart in aluminum can be embellished with letters forming the word ‘Merry Christmas‘ also shaped in aluminum. Your children can have fun to realize these letters and decide to write another message, to stick with the double-sided adhesive. As the woven straw hearts, you can hang this deluxe version on your front door.

A Christmas tree in branches of painted wood

Painted in the color of a beautiful sea green, branches from trees are a lovely Christmas tree which only asks to be decorated. Because you don’t have the room to install a Christmas tree at home or simply because you want to decorate a blank wall during the holidays, we have an idea. Small branches of a painted wood can be assembled on a wall so as to form a Christmas tree. They do not expect more than to be decorated in the same way. Flowers in tissue or paper, suspensions and even stickers can be installed without further delay on the branches of our funny Christmas tree!