It’s true that the leaves are gone, the temperature has dropped, and the snow has covered the earth.  This Christmas make a difference and get out of the mood of winter.  It may be cold outside, but the bright colors and fresh fabric inside will bring spring to your home.

Let’s start with the color reform. You can opt for the color citrine instead of green and fuchsia instead of red, and so on. Try to use tropical colors.  You can use linens as a substitute for velvet, for the same reason.  Also you can give place to Asian motives in your Christmas decor; the use of asymmetrical forms, flora and fauna in your Christmas decoration will give way to an exotic style.

Imagine a home crowned with summery fabrics and linens, bright turquoises, juicy oranges…  If you choose your fabrics in two or three color families, you can mix and match almost any patterns. Consider to overlook your closet and repurpose old dresses and shirts.

Make use of the power of ornaments. An ornament can make a summery table setting feel in a while. If you want to liven up your dining table and please your guests, tie name tags to satin ribbons. You can also make your own napkins; just cut or tear fabric into 20-inch and leave the edges unfinished.

Instead of tinsel, you can tie thin strips of fabric to the tips of Christmas tree branches. It wouldn’t be difficult to produce your own strips of fabric: just snip a cut at the top of the fabric to the bottom using scissors. Also you can repurpose items around you. You can wrap a neutral throw around the base of your fir. It would be a nice tree skirt.

One of the strong holiday symbols is stockings. Bring the stockings and colorful ornaments together. Create your own garland with the natural flora of the season.

Bedeck your bedroom with light cottons in tropical colors. Don’t forget traditional Christmas wreaths. Also you can employ fabrics as gift wrap. Work with cotton and linen and take the advantage of the playful prints. When you use a color scheme limited to two or three colors, you would attract all attention to texture.

Exotic Christmas Decorations
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