You can add more light to your living room and the rest of your house with citrus colors.  If your living room is furnished with retro style, you are halfway to trendy living room. Dreamy, warm color design and playful touches like paper Christmas ornaments, polka dots and a bar create a vintage atmosphere.

The Christmas tree is the central point of the living room, but why don’t you spread a little gayness throughout the room? Swap your usual artwork for Christmas-theme images.

Warm, comfortable and small arrangement can set the stage for your whole living room, which allows you to show off your vintage items. You can display cards on antique door and raise the level of your little Christmas tree by means of an old toboggan.

Fresh flowers and sprigs of greenery add a fresh, modern feeling to your Christmas decorations when used together with bold, metallic pieces. For example, a geometric mirror with sparkling gold frame, and a silver and gold painted olive leaf garland and simple metallic motives can be used in harmony.

Remember to add tradition-inspired pieces to your decor. Tall socks serve as cozy stockings and a stack of vintage suitcases will invite Santa to your living room. Poinsettias and candles on the coffee table keep the classic feel of this Christmas decor.  You can also combine these tradition-inspired pieces with non-traditional Christmas decorations. Think out of the box and show fruits and plants on the coffee-table. Instead of a traditional tree, you may use small potted evergreens.

If you have a traditional living room, the chocolate and white color scheme keeps all eyes on the tree. Remember to add some fun touches like a pom-pom garland and candy tray. An embellishment with greenery will add warmth to your Christmas decorating scheme. An amazing wreath can be hung from a mirror and little dishes can be filled with evergreen sprigs and pinecones.

Replace traditional red and green with fuchsia. Spread the color throughout the living room in small doses: a throw on the sofa, strip on a wreath, an ornament around the lampshade, or gift wrap on the packages. You can bedeck a white Christmas tree in pink to bring the white color into center stage.
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