December is at our doors so why not install its Christmas decorations. So here are many ideas for decoration of Christmas for the home!

If your old bicycle must spend the winter outside, why not take the advantage of this in decoration. You would be surprised at the results! In addition, you have nothing to build! Just bedeck your old bicycle with led string lights.

The panes of windows will become beautiful canvases for a red ribbon and natural wreaths. Make sure you use a strong tape. You’ll also need a stapler. It is a decoration of Christmas which is beautiful and easy to do!

You could cut a plank of wood in the form of a gift box. Apply a layer of exterior paint for the protection of wood against water. Then add bright and brilliant colors. For an interesting effect, surround them with Christmas lights.

Cut 3 sticks of wood sized 1 ‘x 2’ of the same length. End of the bottom tip will be cut to plant them in the ground. Then attach them with hinges on a block of wood cut into triangle.  You can now use staples and attach your games of lights on the structure of wood.

Natural fir branches provide a chic look in addition to a pleasant smell. To discreetly secure, the fishing line is ideal. Plastics fasteners ‘tie-wrap’ remains an interesting but often more apparent option.

Dead branches tied with fisherman wire and white lights make the very inviting home. Stroll in the woods while the wolf is not there, I am convinced that you will find the necessary wood already down ready for picking.

If you’re the competitive type, you can cover your roof with led lights using metal PIN.  You can find the shapes of your choice in the desired dimensions. Be careful during the process.

Well, there is that one letter box. If you rummage a little in flea markets or in the hiding places of your grandparents, you may find souvenirs as unique decoration items.

You can cut a few branches of birch and attach them to a box filled with flowers. Add season plants and branches of fir trees.

You will not try to find yourself any more during the period of Holidays thanks to illuminated indications. To make your signs, you just need aluminum rod that you decorate with light in tubes.

Photos of Christmas Decors

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