Christmas is coming soon and you want to manufacture yourself small presents to please all your family. Riffle through our ideas to find the one who will hit the bull’s eye under the fir.

Please your fellows by giving them individual presents. You would like to paint, to knock up, but you do not dare to launch? Follow the guide, it will explain you everything.

You can divert and recover objects which you already have in customization. For example pots with the lace can be transformed into pretty romantic candy dishes. Fill your old Lampshade with bullets of ping pong, it is so easy.

If you prefer the jewelry, you will find how to manufacture with the best in the year, known to all new moms and really not expensive: the Hama beads, to employ in pendants or earrings. You can manufacture rings and necklaces in graphic look with imitation leather, felt or resin.   They would be fit in clamp or in bushings with dough.

With paper, you can imagine a beautiful wall decoration in the shape of a flower. And if you love the scrap, we give you all of the secrets to achieve a book of good resolutions for the New Year.

Get inspired by our ideas and alter them: change the colors, add sequins, rhinestones. You can also customize them by adding a middle name or initial. A single word of order: Liberate your creativity!