Are you going to renovate the dining room? Before you jump to change it, take a look at these welcoming areas to eat, all full of great decorative ideas and practical sense.

You will like the Chiaroscuro effect. If you choose dark wood furniture, complement them with upholstery and curtains of light fabrics. On the wall, put paper painted in soft gray and white broken. With the flowers always put it simply. These orchids are freshness and color. A mirror is an elegant touch; amplitude gives visual and multiplies the light.

The chairs are the most striking thing to play with the colors. They are the simplicity. You can match colors with covers. If you have a dining room decorated in a luminous target, it is ideal to choose chairs upholstered with matt colored fabrics.

You can catch rustic style with wooden furniture and fiber chairs. Remember to put white touches. If the table is long, a lamp with three points of light will brighten the atmosphere.  Cushions with white covers and dark rattan chairs, what a good mix!  With a showcase as support furniture you will have utensils by hand and in view.

Combine different patterns. If they have the same range of color, you can use for example, flower patterned wallpaper on the wall and a striped print in shades together. On one side of the table, a bank gives an informal air.

On having equipped the dining room: dare to mix! Two fiber chairs can come together with other two with white cases; and a cotton fabric complements itself with other of cane. Chairs with wheels can move from the desktop to the table if necessary. You can also mismatch your chairs. You can cover different chairs with the same color and fabric, as an alternative.

If your dining room seems to you a little dull, give it color with upholstery. Dress your chairs. Choose tablecloth and cushions and a carpet of fiber under the table in the same palette. A sideboard with drawers and shelves serves as a supporting surface and store utensils. Try to put the zone of dining room along with the windows and dress the windows with curtains in light colors. This way you will be able to enjoy the natural light to the maximum.

Photos of Dining Room Decorations with Chiaroscuro effect

Chiaroscuro effect in the dining room 2

Chiaroscuro effect in the dining room 3

Chiaroscuro effect in the dining room 4

Chiaroscuro effect in the dining room 5

Chiaroscuro effect in the dining room 1