Minimalism is not a trend, but rather a style ever exists! Specify unnecessary items at your home and prepare yourself to say goodbye to them.

What can you do?

Create clear and airy spaces. You should remove the scattered and stacked household goods.  You can hide those which you don’t have heart to throw away thanks to the regulation units.

Avoid using multiple colors, mixed patters and geometric shapes. Pastel, pure and cold colors should be preferred. A palette consisting of cream, grey, white, and brown can be your first choice.

There should be a balance among your accessories. Contrary to the other styles, symmetrical arrangement is very significant in minimalist style.

In minimalist style, you should determine a focal point and then place the other units around this focal point in a coordinated manner.

The minimalist style can be thought of as a simple table; and the other elements like furniture, works of art and colors are the horizontal and vertical lines in this table.

The items used for home decoration should be brought together in a certain space, instead of being interspersed throughout the shelves, benches or walls. Decorate a single wall with several matching paintings, rather than hanging a painting on each wall. Plurality contains power within itself and similar items in an array make for a quite brave and regular appearance.

You should take the advantage of natural light sources to the maximum. Avoid artificial lights as far as possible.

Minimalist Decoration Ideas

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