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We lately traveled to Higher Point, North Carolina for their Spring Market and had the chance to sit down with some of our favorite tastemakers. This week we’re sharing our interview with the Editor in Chief of Domino Magazine, Jessica Romm Perez. To say she’s worked at some of our favored magazines — Martha Stewart, Food &amp Wine, and Elle Decor just to name a handful of — so we loved chatting with her about what trends she’s seeing at industry, her recent house renovation, and how her group dreams up such a gorgeous problem! Of course we couldn’t finish the episode with out her answering your decorating questions!

What You’ll Hear on the Episode:

  • We’re in Higher Point Market in North Carolina interviewing interior designers and editors
  • We speak about why we adore industry and what it is
  • Karen’s triumph is the new bed she put in her guest bedroom
  • Her trial is that her guest bedroom closet won’t close because of the bed!
  • We speak about how everything in Karen’s property is from Ballard but why it does not in fact look like our catalog or retailer
  • Taryn’s trial and triumph is a new console table she got from the Ballard outlet
  • My triumph is that I took a macaron creating class with my mom and now I’m a macaron professional!
  • My trial is that I missed my rose bush blooming while I was in London, and it won’t bloom once again until subsequent year. So disappointing! Also the saying about roses that I couldn’t remember is, “First it sleeps, then it creeps, then it leaps.”
  • We speak about her favorite part of market place, how her editorial team decides which trends to feature in the magazine, and what is fascinating her correct now at industry
  • She shares her best guidelines for decorating with kids, including organizing kid’s toys in her modest New York apartment
  • How systems are a vital element of her decorating and organizing approach
  • How she stepped into the function of editor in chief at such a beloved brand and magazine
  • We talk about our favored current attributes in the most recent issue of Domino, like the crudite platter Karen lately attempted
  • Jessica talks about their concentrate at Domino which is focusing on real, attainable living by genuine individuals. It is not just about a fantasy, every little thing they share is attainable.
  • Jessica shares her rules for mixing metals in your residence — just go for it!
  • She shares her most current residence acquire and talks about her home renovation
  • What colors she’s gravitating toward and why color impacts the mood of your home

The macarons I created right after my macaron workshop

Decorating Dilemmas:

We have a gorgeous wood table in our kitchen and I want to safeguard it.  I love making use of a table cloth but we have two small youngsters and it often appears to get stained or moved.  What is the greatest fabrics that appears nice but is tough.  Any suggestions for keeping it in spot?  And how much length must hang on the sides?  Thank you ladies!


Jessica suggests a couple of options for you, Heather. First off, there’s no harm in geting those knicks and spills on your table. It is patina and in most circumstances will make your house feel lived in. Of course, if you want to shield it, we suggest an oilcloth tablecloth that can easily be wiped down. There are some excellent ones out there like Marimekko or you could even check Etsy. You could also get a piece of glass to place over your table. That’ll safeguard against stains and also keep it in location! As far as length, in a kitchen we recommend that it doesn’t hit the ground as kitchens get a lot far more targeted traffic and grime. Not letting it graze the floor will keep it clean longer. Take into account a length exactly where it just hits your knees. Look for busy patterns as they’ll be more forgiving to stains.



I just want to start off by saying I enjoy your podcast! You all have given me so a lot of decorating ideas and suggestions, I’m usually excited when I get the new podcast notification. I’m going to Atlanta this month and I can’t wait to pay a visit to Ballard. We do not have one particular here L

So I’m moving into a new apartment quickly and I’m struggling with suggestions for furniture placement. The apartment has an L-Shape living room/dining room floor strategy (image beneath) with a hall that divides the space I would use as the living space.  I at the moment plan to buy a new sofa so I have flexibility on the size/style to make it functional. But I currently personal a dining room set that seats up to six and I have an electric fireplace t.v. stand  both that I wanted to preserve.  Can you give me some approaches that I can location my furnishings and items to obtain to make the space functional? Any support is appreciated! Thanks!!



We have a couple of choices for you. Jessica suggests a sectional due to the fact it works so well in an L-shaped room. Focus on your conversation places, and develop your layout about these. It can also assist you define the different areas of the space. Karen also suggests moving your dining room more than to the other side so your doorway doesn’t chop your living area in half. 

We all agree that you must float your sofa and chairs in the middle of the room so you can location your Tv against the wall. You could have a lengthy, narrow console table behind the sofa near the doorway to support different the rooms. Two sofas is a excellent way to get lots of seating without creating your space really feel as well busy.

Use a room planner, like this one particular, and play around with different layouts. Drop in the dimensions of your current furniture and move stuff about to figure out just the proper layout. Great luck!

Crudite recipes from Domino Mag

Mexican Crudite board from Domino Magazine Photo: Alex Farnum

Show Notes:

Adhere to Jessica at @jcromm or follow Domino Magazine @dominomag.

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Satisfied Decorating!

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