stylish interior

Wooden floors with much more white

Beautiful dark brown wooden floors in your bedroom or sitting room exude cozy warmth. It is also not old-fashioned if you combine dark brown with beige or white furniture. You can use white walls and curtains for lots of light in the house, what a fresh and cheerful impression.

Green living

A nice example is the green bookcase which is completely made of cardboard, and therefore it is 100 % recyclable. Environment is very important. You can use sustainable materials to feel better in your house.

Classic English Couch in a Modern House

The classic English couch resembles a golden oldie. This classic model is timeless and at the same time exudes something that there is nothing fancy about it. The brown leather is very tough, and raw quality of the leather looks very stylish.  You can use this model in a study room. This model makes for a male appearance. It perfectly blends with modern furnishings.


A modern TV stand

Now that almost everything is available on the internet, few people still have many DVDs at home. The TV has much less cables, and is much thinner and smaller. So you don’t have to own a large eye-catching TV stand with many different trays. You can prefer a subtle design with your modern TV stand.