If you run a business, you often work from home, but also with the rise of the ‘ new works ‘ we are more and more encouraged to work from home. Working from home has many advantages. Many people choose to home-office for that ultimate freedom feeling! You start working when you want. But there are also disadvantages. Handle the freedom requires discipline and although you have saved on gasoline and real estate costs, no colleagues and less contact with other entrepreneurs can be very tough.

Feng Shui can help you to make the best of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from a corner in the living room or the small attic room, this Feng Shui tips will help you to set up your home office in a good productivity and business success will boost.

Choose your work space 

Choose a room that is closest to the front door and as far away as possible from the bedroom. This is one of the most important Feng Shui guidelines for a healthy home office. The business has a lot of Yang energy, while the bedroom needs precisely the opposite soothing Yin energy. A room that is adjacent to a laundry room or kitchen is not the best choice probably. It is important that you have a room where you minimize the risk to be derived from your work.

Separate Work and home life

If the layout of your house allows, opt for a room with a separate access. If this is not feasible, you should have a sufficient distance between the living and work space. Close the door when you work. When you keep your work and home life separate, you will be more productive.

Your work room reflects your success.

The place you choose for your work room is a microcosm for your company. It will reflect everything in your business that happens or could happen. Therefore, plan your home office with success, welfare and productivity in mind. There is nothing worse than having to work in an Office that you hate. So you go ahead with your work. Feel free to express your creativity in full, but also the power of symbolism when picking out art and decorative ornaments. Use only positive images.

How about an inspirational vision board, your logo on a canvas, diplomas and images of projects, a picture of something new that you want to achieve, or someone you admire or other career memorabilia on display in the beautiful room decor? Items that make you happy make you feel successful and appreciated. Make sure your home office project reflects the energy you want in the world.

Place your desk in the so-called ‘ power position ‘ to draw the powerful and successful energies to your stage. Secure a beautiful view from your office chair. Avoid sitting with your face aimed at the wall, as this can block your chances of success.

Make room for new customers/projects.

A messy work room and chaos on the desktop affects the ability to think clearly. A packed room is reflected in business as no room for new things, projects, clients, much stress, and no overview. In addition, the mess sucks the energy away from you and sabotages your best intentions. So keep you work room fresh, spacious and clutter free and create a cleanup system to clear the clutter. You will find that on a regular basis to create order in your work environment, you will be more enthusiastic and more energetic and that the customers will flow faster.

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