The big advantage of a home-office is that it doesn’t need to be seen as a sterile, business office. You don’t have to stick to grey uniform filing cabinets and office furniture, fluorescent tubes, but you can create a very personal and individual space on you. Of course you should get the basic items such as a desk, a chair and storage space but you don’t need to obtain them from an Office furniture store. An Office with a very personal, informal atmosphere asks for all kinds of fun furniture that you are looking for getting together, as long as they are practical and comfortable. Determine what you need in your office and go browsing around in second-hand business.

An unconventional office must constantly change, so take free-standing furniture that you can shift at will and make sure that there is also room for beautiful things to display, so that the workplace remains lively. Just make sure there is no mess.

If you have a desk that is stuck to the wall, drill a hole at the edge of the sheet so that you can run the cables so they are not on your work plan. With various types of reels you can avoid a mess. If you don’t want to remind constantly of your work while reading a book quietly in the living room, you can hide your home office behind a screen or behind a large piece of furniture.  You can create a small work station you can tuck away even in a closet when not in use.

A good storage space is not a luxury. If you install a new home-office, make sure the same for as much space as possible. In other cases, make use of existing free-standing cabinets that are suitable for Office purposes. A clear home-office not only looks nicer, but also it is much more pleasant to work in. Furniture that you can fold, are very suitable for a home-office, especially in a space that is used for other purposes. Think of a desktop mountable to the wall or a bookcase with collapsible desktop.

 Photos about your own work space at home

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