Bathroom tiles are an essential part of your home, especially for those looking for additional features to accentuate your home interior. While there are professionals that specialize in laying out tiles, you need to choose the tiles that you want for your bathroom in person. Let’s look at tips that you can use in selecting the right bathroom tiles for your home.

Size and Shape

Bathroom tiles come in different sizes and shapes that you can select from. Square is the most common shape, although other sizes and shapes are also available. Different shapes have different effects on the overall appearance of a bathroom. Choose large tiles for large spaces and long, narrow tiles for smaller spaces which will make your bathroom seem taller. The different shapes and sizes also come in different colors so choose wisely to bring out a more appealing look and feel during bath time.


Limit your choices

Ensure that the tiles that you choose complement the bathroom colors. If you would like to use more than one type of tile for your bathroom, you need to select a maximum of four types, one for the bathroom floor, the second as an accent tile and the third one for the walls or shower surround. The wall and floor tiles need to blend well.

In order to balance the color combinations when one wants to mix different colors, dark-colored tiles need to be blended with light colored tiles. Light colored tiles enhance the appearance of a small or dark room, making it look bigger and brighter due to the reflection of light.

Pick one tile for a start

Your first tile choice will be the one to determine the other tiles that you will select to blend in. It normally takes up a larger area in your bathroom and so you will need to choose one that will bring out a show of elegance when other features are included.

Consider care and maintenance

The levels of hygiene matter a lot when it comes to the bathroom and proper care and maintenance is key to ensuring that you remain healthy and safe from germs. You need to take into consideration the materials used in making the tiles. There are wooden, ceramic, glass, porcelain and stone tiles. Tiles made from water-resistant wood provide a more natural look to your home.


Numerous beautiful designs of bathroom wood tiles are available that give different effects. Glass tiles are ideal for walls, but aren’t the best for floors due to their slippery nature. Ceramic and porcelain are a great choice since they are easy to clean and maintain and good for damp areas, although ceramic is less costly compared to porcelain. Tiles made of stone tend to pour dirt and you will have to go an extra length to seal them.

Bathroom size

It is important that you know the measurements of your bathroom so as to determine which type, color,  size, and shape will accentuate the overall appearance once it’s complete. For example, when it comes to sizes, larger tiles will have a different effect in small bathrooms and in large bathrooms.

Selecting the right bathroom tiles provides a comfortable setting for your bath time. Also include the right finish for a more appealing and luxurious look.