It’s not easy decorating your home on your own. That’s why you need to take the time to read up on what’s trending and figure out a plan of attack for putting some ideas into action. It’s likely that you treasure your home and strive to make it look perfect.

One way to do this is to figure out what’s going to give your house the best character and style boost. You don’t have to change a lot, but you do have to make the right modifications for it to matter. Explore the various options and come up with concepts that you personally find appealing. See what your home needs to increase the attractiveness.

Hardwood Floors

You can’t go wrong with installing hardwood floors. There’s a look out there for everyone’s taste. They’re the perfect solution for any room in your home, are elegant and, depending on the type you choose, are easy to maintain. Hardwood floors are strong and durable, cost-effective and instantly enhance the look of your home. If you want to warm up your rooms, simply place down a few colorful area rugs to keep your feet warm and level out the acoustics. This may be your chance to rip out old carpet and replace it with hardwood.


A home that’s private is a happy home. You want you and your family to feel safe and protected when you’re inside going about your life. One way to do this is to install motorized shades and blinds throughout your living space. Look here to see all of the different options and scroll through the various possibilities and materials. Covering your windows with the right window treatments will guarantee more privacy and, in turn, create a more attractive and elegant home. This is one interior design aspect you don’t want to ignore.

Accent Wall

Give your home a little flavor and spunk by adding a few accent walls throughout the rooms. Paint a bedroom wall or ceiling or add texture with brick or stone. You’ll love the immediate enhancement this concept brings to any room. This is one way to solve the problem of plain and boring throughout your space. It’s all about selecting the right paint color or material for the particular spot in your home. The good news is that if you paint a wall and don’t like it, you can easily swap out the color for a new one.


Never misjudge the power of color. Understand and believe that color is attractive. You don’t have to leave your home decorated in black and white. Use bedding, furniture, paint and décor pieces to incorporate more color tastefully. Work with an interior designer if you aren’t sure which colors to pair together. Start small by placing plants and pillows around your home that help increase the amount of color in each room. As it grows on you, bring in more and more items that are colorful and a bit louder than what you’re used to.

French Doors

Install a beautiful set of French doors and instantly improve a bedroom, living room or sunroom entrance. Light can easily travel between rooms with these doors, so the result is that both rooms feel brighter and larger. It’s an elegant way to close off the space between two rooms without having to feel trapped in one place or the other. Pick out sheer curtains that instantly make your doors appear sophisticated and stylish. It’s a twist on your normal type of door and adds character to your home with very little effort.

Gallery Wall

Build a gallery wall near the stairs, in your office or in the living room. Use artistic images or pictures of your family and favorite vacations to organize a wall of memories. It’s a fun project you can compile and hang yourself in a short amount of time. Be picky about the type and color of frames you choose and make sure they match the surrounding interior design. Your guests will admire all the hard work you put in and personalization factor of a gallery wall. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to decorate your home and showcase photos you adore.

Breakfast Nook

Make breakfast exciting again by building a breakfast nook in your kitchen. Have a cute area in the corner where you can sit and enjoy your coffee and favorite morning foods with your family. Mix up the seating between a built-in bench and chairs. Place a lot of soft pillows to keep the area nice and cozy. Either use wallpaper or choose a striking paint color to brighten up the space. You’ll likely find yourself spending more time in this area than you originally planned. Try to place your breakfast nook near a window to bask in the natural sunlight each morning.


Embrace having a fireplace in your home not only for the look of it, but to keep you warm and cozy during the colder months. You can decorate the mantel during the different seasons and holidays and make it your focal point in the room. Imagine being able to flip a switch or quickly get your fireplace started whenever you wanted throughout the year. It’s attractive, provides warmth and helps your home look more put together. It’s a great spot to read, visit with guests and take a nap.

Don’t worry if your home isn’t to where you want to see it yet. Decorating and enhancing takes time and money. Begin with a few of your favorite projects from this list and go from there. Get excited about all of the different possibilities for turning your current space into your dream home. Be willing to do some of the work yourself if it’s expensive, but an update you desire. Stay focused on the upgrades that are going to deliver value, charm and class and, most importantly, that you find pleasing. This is what your home needs to increase the attractiveness.

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