Montréal-based Le Manoir first opened five years ago and given that then the distinctive boutique believed it was time to give the space an update to maintain its brand youthful. With the support of Tuxedo, the shop, which offers beauty and nail services and fashion, got a new layout along with a fresh, clean new interior to welcome guests.

Initial up was to resolve company’s want of functionality as they necessary a space that could be changed up as needed. Given that the shop does not concentrate on just 1 point, they chose an open floor program with a welcome desk in the center that would cater to all functions. It’s where the consumers are served, it is a waiting location, and a retail space combined into a single, multifunctional element.

The space feels light and airy with most surfaces a crisp white. They also incorporated organic stone adding a textural element to what could have been a sterile space. It also provides off a luxurious, spa-like feel.

Reside plants are suspended in the air in cage-like shelves layering in a organic element to the mainly white interior.

Photos by Maxime Brouillet, courtesy of v2com.