Kitchen cabinets are the most important elements of your kitchen. The measures of your kitchen should be taken into consideration when deciding the color and model of the cabinets. Both chic and functional kitchen island model is suitable for the big kitchens. The island allows you to keep in order the kitchen. If you want to make your island more functional, you can integrate appliances and sink into the island. Then the island is ready to use for preparation work, cooking, eating and for many activities.

Choice of color is also important when designing kitchen cabinets. Color scheme and patterns should be compatible. Hygiene is also important as much as practicality; therefore try to use materials both hygienic and natural.

For small kitchens, try to use simple pattered and light colored kitchen cabinets which are not straining the eyes, instead of the complex patterned cabinets. Even the handles should not be big. Use those which are simple and small as far as possible.

Glass cabinets and open shelves look stylish. These models are suitable for both big and small kitchens.

If you want to go beyond the ordinary, you can use different colors instead of single color on the cabinet body and doors. Kitchen cabinets should be designed in compliance with the measures and shape of your kitchen.

Photos of Kitchen cabinets

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